Being Positive

What do Positive Energy, Solutions and Results do for your Performance?

Values are an integral part of any businesses core business plan, just as they are an integral part of any individual.  We all have them; we all need them.

What’s really important is when the core values of a business intertwine with the individuals as their employees as then you see how values “up their game” in all aspects of their life – at work and at home.

So first of all, what is a value defined as?  It is defined as:




plural noun: values

  1. 1.

the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

“your support is of great value”

synonyms: worth, usefulness, advantage, benefit, gain, profit, good, help, merit, helpfulness, avail;More


  1. 2.

a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.

“they internalize their parents’ rules and values”

synonyms: principles, ethics, moral code, morals, standards, code of behavior

“society’s values are passed on to us as children”

[As defined by in Google search]

Positive Energy

The first value we will explore is Positive Energy.  Positive Energy is so easy and yet oh so critical.  Just by hearing an individual, using positive statements to themselves and others.  Or just using positive phrases to others and yourself.  Recognize others with positive statements when achievements are made as well as self-talk positive things when you yourself achieve a “win” or personal best.  Don’t complain. Be appreciative of the self improvement.  Look at life as a lesson, not a problem.  It helps you stay optimistic.

Positive Solutions

The next value to look at is Positive Solutions.  How do we create Positive Solutions?  How do we impact them?  Don’t envision failures, don’t think of them as issues, but put this in a position of lessons learned which in the end create positive solutions.  Acknowledge those around you also that  are part of a positive solution and don’t let them go unnoticed for minimize their effort.  Whether that is your manager or co-worker or employee or partner or significant other or child. Or even just an acquaintance.

Positive Results

And last – Positive Results.  As you displaying Positive Energy and creating Positive Solutions, then you are going to be delivering Positive Results. Imagine these results by executing on the plan, just by envisioning success.  This includes visualizing yourself being actively engaged in the process and delivering the type of results that will prove your skill and accountability.

Positive vales creates a positive life for you and those surrounding you and impacts positively your performance.

As President of SOS Sales Help since March of 2017, Craig expertly leads the team that manages the development, execution and growth of Account Management, Partner Operations and Strategic Services as well as HR, Quality and Training for the company in this executive teleservices business. Prior to this, he invested the last thirty years at Infinity, APAC and Entertel in successful leadership roles.