Reward and Recognize Your Employees

10 Excellent Methods to Reward & Recognize Your Employees

Since the beginning of time, people have needed and wanted recognition for their efforts. And then in return for that recognition they want to be rewarded for those same efforts.

So because this has been going on for hundreds and thousands of years, there are equally as many answers and suggestions for rewards & recognition.

In the call center industry, it is part of our daily life and we find it a “must-do” in our coordinating and planning of our call activities. In fact so much so that we speak to this in our pre sales process with our prospective clients as well as a major part of our implementation process for new program start ups and/or project re starts.  Let’s just say that rewards & recognition make you employees happy, appreciated and committed in the simplest of terms. And in turn, these traits will equate to satisfied, dedicated and loyal teammates.

But to that end, we still want to list some of our favorite and maybe even unique methods to reward & recognize your employees for not just successes but for their efforts too (not to mention that these efforts turn into successes with the right rewards & recognition along with coaching & development).  So they are:

  1. Simple shaking of hands or clap on the back goes a long that you just thought and invested that minute with them
  2. Standing ovation for an employee, just covertly get them into a room with their fellow teammates and then give them a round of applause; you will be amazed at the response of this concerted effort
  3. FOOD Food food any type of food whether it be breakfast or lunch in the office or cocktails &/or dinner outside of the office or even healthy or not-so-healthy snacks are usually a fan favorite and definitely display support
  4. Getting them scratch off tickets to give as spot rewards through the day is super fun & gets every in a good mood (at modest expense)
  5. Giving them early outs paid or better yet paid days off (or birthdays paid off) – All of them are received very well and appreciated
  6. Running errands for your employees rewards them in both time & money – Something every one enjoys, some of those include:  Getting their car washed, taking/picking up their dry cleaning; having their laundry done are just a few ideas
  7. Presenting them with a hand-written thank you note is “old school” but personal and endearing
  8. Awarding them with some type of on site benefit that they wouldn’t normally get “at work, for example – body massage or haircut
  9. Giving them time off paid to volunteer for a worthy cause
  10. Playing in-house tournaments, such as checkers, scrabble, ping pong just to name a few

When they say it’s the thought that counts, well they couldn’t be any plainer. It really is the thought that counts when recognizing someone in your office space that has done something to be rewarded.  They are grateful themselves and then go out and spread the news of the company’s good nature and then everyone is awarded.  It’s a WIN Win win.

As President of SOS Sales Help since March of 2017, Craig expertly leads the team that manages the development, execution and growth of Account Management, Partner Operations and Strategic Services as well as HR, Quality and Training for the company in this executive teleservices business. Prior to this, he invested the last thirty years at Infinity, APAC and Entertel in successful leadership roles.