Consulting Services

Should You Consider Consulting Services for Your Business?

What do consulting services really mean in your business today?  How/when should you invest in such services?  And why should you consider them?

These are just a few of the questions that arise when your business may consider a consultant. These usually come up when your business has some type of process that needs to be fixed or improved.  Or worse your business is not meeting their monthly, quarterly and/or quarterly target.   The consultant normally has a specific level of expertise in this area and after research and survey can diagnose and recommend for your future.

These consultants for your business will management overseeing to help you improve performance through evaluation of your processes and procedures. As you can imagine, they are looking to provide efficiencies in the system that as they say “provides it better, faster, cheaper”.

Simply put, they analyze your business and provide solutions to help you achieve your annual revenue plans.

Although rates vary based on the level of expertise that a consultant may have, how long they’ve been consulting, their geographical location, yours and other such factors but average rate per hour is $200 – some higher, some lower, of course.  But really you can also engage most consultants for a flat rate as well for a certain period and/or a required process to fix or improve.

This flat rate should coincide with the return on investment (ROI) for this process if it’s fixed or improved as well what fits into your budget for such services.  In most cases, your business should have a line item in your annual expense planning for this type of consulting or other such services.

So only you can decide if/when you need a consultant, but at the right time, at the right price, for the right challenge, it’s worth your investment.

As President of SOS Sales Help since March of 2017, Craig expertly leads the team that manages the development, execution and growth of Account Management, Partner Operations and Strategic Services as well as HR, Quality and Training for the company in this executive teleservices business. Prior to this, he invested the last thirty years at Infinity, APAC and Entertel in successful leadership roles.