Top Expert Tips for New Managers

Expert Tips for First-Time Managers

Recently I came across a list of these Expert Tips for First-Time Managers, and I couldn’t help but think, “I wish I had seen these early in my career.”  I mean, who hasn’t thought they wanted someone to tell them something about how to be a manager.

As a result, I have started to use this as weekly development sessions for individuals that I have been given advancement opportunities to recently.  Each of the topics serve as a module for that week as we jointly do more research. To further the process, I assign “homework” for them to use and apply in the new managerial duties.  In addition, throughout the week, I have found that these new managers want to stop in and just chat for a bit about some of the facets of these tips.

Before I go any further, the Top Ten (10) are-

  1. Take time to understand the business in which you are operating.
  2. Develop time-management skills.  
  3. Practice active listening skills.
  4. Know how to motivate and lead employees.  
  5. Continue your own training and development.  
  6. Don’t stay isolated in the office.
  7. Don’t pretend you know all the answers.  
  8. Don’t take all the credit.
  9. Don’t expect employees to be perfect.  
  10. Learn to delegate effectively.

Like I said above, I did not come up with this list, and quite honestly I couldn’t come up with a better list if I tried.

If a manager is responsible for administering all or part of a company or similar organization as defined when I use Google, then these 10 tips could not be more spot on.  These tips do not tell you how to do each of these, but they do provide an excellent platform for what I described above – explanation, discussion, share, research, apply and so forth.  In fact, some of the discussions get more in depth as you even explore the values of some and/or what are characteristic of others.

And let’s face it, there are some managers who do not get this till well into their manager years or worse yet ever.  And it’s no wonder why it’s written that people leave managers, not jobs.

Most people want to do well and just by openly and honestly sharing these, managers first-time or not can be better leaders who have the ability to communicate, encourage, persuade and influence to be more productive and happier which only leads to more success for everyone.

So check them out and my sincere wish is that you find them as impactful as I have. So enjoy.

As President of SOS Sales Help since March of 2017, Craig expertly leads the team that manages the development, execution and growth of Account Management, Partner Operations and Strategic Services as well as HR, Quality and Training for the company in this executive teleservices business. Prior to this, he invested the last thirty years at Infinity, APAC and Entertel in successful leadership roles.