Two Keys to Increase Sales in 2013

Sales Lead Management

As the economy slowly bounces back, you can implement a series of best practices to increase your sales faster.

There are two keys to increasing sales in 2013 that build on the sales lead management best practice that we discussed in our previous blog post – sending only qualified leads to your sales team.


Remember, passing only pre-qualified leads to your sales team reduces the cost of selling and increases sales faster. Your sales team can focus on selling instead of cold calling unqualified and unproductive leads.

When you add these two additional best practices to your sales lead management program, your sales program will run like a finely tuned machine.


#1: Deliver the right message to the right people at the right time


After your leads are pre-qualified by SOS Sales Help, you will know what is important to these qualified leads. You’ll know what their hot buttons are and when they plan to buy.


This will enable you to conduct high-quality conversations with these qualified leads. When SOS Sales Help collects the right information during the qualification process, you will know what message to deliver to them and when to deliver that message. Plus, your sales team can keep these leads warm through on-going personal email communications that speak specifically to the needs of each qualified lead.


The right message delivered to the right people (the qualified leads) at the right time will turn more leads into buyers.


#2 Always be filling the funnel


In the classic movie about sales, “Glengarry Glen Ross,” Alec Baldwin’s character, Blake, coached the sales team, “Always Be Closing (A-B-C).” A-B-C is a good practice, but you can’t close anyone if no one is in the funnel. That’s why it is most important to always be filling the sales funnel.


Sales managers know that a constant flow of leads into the sales funnel avoid dry spells. When you constantly fill the funnel you won’t have months where sales were below projections.


SOS Sale Help can keep the flow of qualified leads spilling into your sales funnel. We can generate leads and pre-qualify the leads. When more pre-qualified leads are in your sales pipeline you have a greater opportunity to close more sales.


That’s what SOS Sales Help can do for you – generate more qualified leads to fill your funnel and get your 2013 off to a great start.

Company CEO, Jason Siefken, founded SOS Sales Help in 2008 after a successful career of building and managing sales and customer service teams for various Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Siefken felt there was a need for a hands on, results oriented alternative for companies looking to start or expand their existing sales or customer service operations.